Product Review: Jetboil Zip

Quick Look:

Product: Jetboil Zip Cooking System
Mfgr: Johnson Outdoors
Price: $80 (roughly)
Get yours now on Amazon – Jetboil Zip Cooking System (Black)

Easy to use, lightweight heating cooking system for backpacking and camping.

Pros: lightweight, modular so it stores easy and takes up little space. Inexpensive for the value.

Cons: I really can’t think of many – not ideal if you’re heating water/food for a family, but that’s not what this was designed for. There’s a bit of a plastic taste the first couple of uses, but that diminishes with use.

My Experience: I used the JetBoil for the first time last weekend on a quick overnight at South Llano State Park with my oldest son, and it was awesome. We used it to heat water for our packaged meals, and to make coffee and tea in the morning. There are nested cooking sets available if you want to truly cook with this unit, and are willing to sacrifice the space in your pack.

The unit takes up a very small amount of space, weighs only 12 oz, and the fuel container and base fit neatly in the cup for transport/storage, so it’s perfect for any size pack or length of trip.

Summary: this is a great piece of gear at a fair price. Easy to use, easy to store and gets the job done – FAST. If you’re looking for an easy to use, easy to transport way to heat food or water, you want the JetBoil.

It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) there’s an open flame, so adult supervision is a MUST. You also need to be aware of fire conditions in your area and if there are any state/local regulations that would prevent you from using the unit.