Swimming Elk in Dream Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my family’s favorite place to spend time and explore the beautiful landscape. It’s especially great for the kids, because it’s one of the best places I know if to see wildlife – especially elk. My family and I made the hike up Emerald lake trail, late in the day on Sunday, and as such we were the last people to depart the serenity of Emerald lake after the sun had disappeared. As we headed back down the trail in the twilight toward Dream Lake, my wife pointed out an elk on the far side of the lake from the trail, as he stepped out of the trees and stood at the edge of the water. We thought he was just there for a drink, but as we continued down the trail, he began to wade out in to the water.

As we got up to a large boulder that we used as our vantage point, the elk continued deeper in to the lake, until finally the water was up to his neck and he began to swim across.

When he reached the other side, he gave a shake to get rid of the excess water and walked in to the woods. I’d never seen an elk swim before so I was pretty excited – ok, I was ridiculously excited – it was pretty cool.