Why I started this blog

I started this blog to educate and entertain. I care about the natural world and her inhabitants, and while the media shares stories of our natural resources being depleted, species creeping closer to the brink of extinction, and of course global climate change, I frequently feel, people fail to fully grasp the weight of the situation. It’s not because they don’t know, or even that they aren’t genuinely concerned, but because they aren’t involved closely enough. We are all busy, and if being outdoors isn’t a part of your life, you may not realize it’s slipping away. The simple reality is if you’re involved with it, you come to care about it. When you care about it, you stand up for it and become willing to make sacrifices to protect it. If you’ve never camped out under a vast blanket of stars, you may not realize that, due to light pollution, North American night skies are now classified as grey.

While beautiful, the increasing amount of light being used at night, is “greying out” our night skies.

I’ve also seen a not so subtle message in a lot of media lately – being outdoors (read; camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, etc.) is uncivilized, disgusting, or even stupid. I’ll be the first to say, it’s not for everyone. It can be dirty, smelly, cold, hot, challenging, but for those of us who love it, that’s just part of the deal. Some people just don’t care for it or aren’t cut out for it, and that’s ok, but it bothers me that a message is being sent that if you like that kind of thing, there’s something wrong with you. We should all be able to choose our own paths, and if being in the woods for days on end, resourcing your own food, and not worrying about how your hair looks, that’s just fine. It’s your decision to make.

I think that if enough people care about keeping our wild place wild, and protecting the species that are being threatened, we have a real chance of turning things around and finding sustainable solutions. All that to say I hope to offer guidance, tools, and ideas to help you get out more, make the most of that time and encourage you to share that passion with others.

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